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Empowering Women Since 1944

The Child and Mother Welfare Association is one of the oldest charity organizations in Beirut. Today, more than ever, the association need your contribution to bring relief to the Lebanese population amidst a worsening economic crisis.


About us

The Child and Mother Welfare Association was founded in 1944 in Lebanon where the limited income class prevailed at the time. Unfortunately, 76 years later, the situation of the Lebanese has not improved and the need for a collaboration between the civil society and the charity organizations is still great, especially for women and children. Seventy-six years have passed since a group of generous women planted the first seed, which flourished today into an establishment that employs more than a 100 persons and a board of directors that include twenty-one women who work tirelessly to support the Lebanese society.

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Some of our departments

Dar Al-Karama Senior Center

the Association strives to secure, health care and nutrition, a decent lifestyle, and a wholesome family atmosphere for the residents of Dar Al Karama.

Al Namuthajiya Nursery

The model nursery aims at accepting the child as an individual within the group and working on his mental, physical, educational and social development.

Healthcare Complex

The hospital is in a state of continuous evolution and works constantly to develop its human resources and its medical and surgical equipment for the interest of the patients.

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Raising the standard of living of the Lebanese family by offering health, social, vocational and cultural services.


Taking care of the family from childhood to old age

Core Values

Woman Empowerment



Human Development

Childhood Development

Your contribution will make a huge difference

to ensure that the Lebanese society lives a decent life


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