On August 4, 2020 Beirut was hit with a blast so strong it was described as one of the biggest non-nuclear blasts in history. Lives were lost and homes were destroyed in a country already suffering from a political and economic crisis. The civil society stepped in to fill the gap left by the government and help those affected as much as possible.

With gracious donations from Beirutis to Beirutis, the child and mother welfare association was able to repair over one hundred houses and shops in various areas of Beirut. The association focused their rebuilding efforts on effected areas somewhat far away from the epicenter of the blast-like A’ayshe-bakkar, Tariq Al-Jdide, Al-Malla, Cornishe Al-Mazraa- and closer areas like Karantina.

The association’s rebuilding efforts were centered on aluminum and glass replacement.

The association collaborated with local organizations on the ground such as ‘Kashef al-Jarrah’ in order to better survey and assess the affected areas.

Before and After

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