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How it Started

The Child and Mother Welfare Association was founded in 1944 in Lebanon where the limited income class prevailed at the time.

Unfortunately, seventy-six years later, the situation of the Lebanese has not improved and the need for a collaboration between the civil society and the charity organizations is still great, especially for women and children.

The activities of the association focused in its early years on the children and their health where it founded several dispensaries in different Lebanese areas. It was a pioneer in vaccinating children for common diseases of that era and spreading awareness. This interest in the health sector evolved into a hospital that has been serving the people of Beirut since 1972.

The hospital has witnessed since several updates in its infrastructure and its medical equipment and staff. The health sector in the association now includes a laboratory, a pharmacy, a primary health care dispensary, a radiology department and a dental clinic. A primary health care dispensary still serves the Beiruti community through doctors with different specialties.

In 1983, the association launched Dar Al Karama, a nursing home aiming at taking care of senior citizens in a dignified manner. In keeping with the latest technologies and scientific progress, the association established in 2000 the Early Diagnosis and Intervention Center for disabled children and those with learning difficulties. The revenue generated from these projects go directly to fund the association’s underprivileged families within the Sara Daouk Social Center. This center was a corner stone in the activities of the association when the late Mrs.Daouk donated a land to build the first headquarters for the association.

The development and evolution of society prompted the association to include the mother’s welfare in its programs. As women became more active in the work force, the association established the Exemplary Nursery, and thus making a mark in the field of early child development. Soon after, the association introduced vocational and development centers to teach nursery guardians, nurse aids, tailors, and handicraft giving students and providing them with a certified degree from the ministry of education upon completion. As a result, the association is helping underprivileged societies raise their standard of living by raising their educational levels. Thus, the association’s slogan became “from Childhood to Old age”.

Seventy-Six years have passed since a group of generous women planted the first seed, which flourished today into an establishment that employs more than a 100 persons and a board of directors that include twenty-one women who work tirelessly to support the Lebanese society.